Service Concept

Baykee carries out the "1+3" service model, concentrating on providing customers with all-round services at pre-sales,on-sales, after-sales and related training services. To ensure customers 100% satisfaction is the target that Baykee pursues continuously. In the service process, complete control over the customers' demand and providing value-added service is the basic principle of Baykee service.

Business without limited, no matter do domestic business or international business. Baykee focuses on infiltration of enterprise service culture from all aspects. "like to do the same to do sales service" is the Baykee basic requirements to the technical services staff working attitude.

Pre-sales service

Need investigation and technique support: The engineer carries on an investigation from a professional perspective, understanding the spot actual circumstance so as to accurate grasp customer needs.

The site valuation and professional prepared case to hand over: The engineer according to examiing result on the scene, hand over the detailed place parameter toward to the customer. According to the most accurate circumstance, engineer will provide professional solutions.

Professional and excellent assurance turn a solution to combine assurance product: After communicating with customer , the engineer will hand over the superior solution to make the customer serves toward to customers, making sure the best choice to the superior product.

After-sale service

Supervising and controlling each set which has been sold is the basic work mission of the after-sales service. The after-sales service system record each set equipment information in detail and its movements environment .Baykee after-sales service system according to customer's information, providean all-round after-sale service, insures customer's 100% trust.

The periodic telephone patrols service: Baykee after-sales service will aim to protectinside maintenance of the equipments which carry on a periodic telephone to patrol, detailed record of equipments, after-sale service will reflect toward to engineer immediately, and feed back to customers in the shortest time.

The professional assured check on the scene: Long time to aim at equipment movement , Baykee sends an engineer to the site to check equipments movement condition , any problems which may arise according to the plan so as to provide maintenance meantime .The engineer will record the checking results into after-sales service system , in order to monitor at any time.

The periodic reports summary: Engineer is responsible for ministrant product to provide the report, equipments usage to maintain work summary and environment of equipments.As for maintenance,it need report valuation. Baykee will periodically hold meeting to examine the movement condition of the equipments and put forward solution.

The support and maintenance: Engineer in 24 hours provide maintenance for customer. After received the customer's notice, engineer will arrive within two hours in principle.