Brief Introduction

CHP3000 series ups includes 10kVA to 600kVA (3 phase input & 3 phase output) double conversion On-line UPS with an isolation transformer at Output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output power. Input & Output filters increase the immunity of load from power disturbances and surges.
CHP3000 series UPS uses high-speed microprocessor (MCU) and Programmable logic device (CPLD) program which are controlled by software. It brings in the sixth generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT and static switch as power components. which enter into deduce digital ages of classic legend, bring up with the big capacity, high reliability, stability of function to reside global top-grade level. This series product combines the world’s newest control spare parts and the most advanced software. CHP3000 series UPS entirely breaks through the technical bottleneck in traditional simulation age, it adopts the digital control technology and high-precision SMD technology to assure ultra-high system stability and to fully acclimate various grid environment.
Single-machine capacity is ranging from 10kVA to 600kVA, which is widely used in telecom, bank, security, transporting, utility, manufacture, industry, government etc.

Digital control technique

Advanced digital circuit over stable operation

CHP3000 series UPS Systems entirely breaks through the technical bottleneck of the industry, it implements extraordinary innovation with the advanced digital circuitry instead of traditional simulation age.
Its high-speed micro controller and programmable logic device(CPLD) characteristic implement more perfect circuit control, parameters setting and operational management to improve more powerful self-verifying and self-detecting function. Full wave sampling technique to enable quick fault analysis and rapidly judge to all discrete circuits in board and meanwhile to mitigate wave distortion and stability which are caused by digital transformation in order to ensure super steady system running

Intelligent surveillance system, full guardian

The microprocessor of the system implement uninterrupted on-line surveillance to all the circuit status which include power supply,breakers and fuses. While failure happened, the surveillance system will instantly alert the administrator,synchronously to start UPS overall-protect function.

Intelligent battery management, endurable and free from worry

CHP3000 series imports advanced intelligent battery management system to achieve automatic adjusting battery charging current parameter according to users' battery configuration, the management of boost floating charging switch, temperature compensation charge-discharge which according to power supply environment in addition.
CHP3000 series is capable of implement surveillance management and maintenance of programmable time charge-discharge to battery operation-state through the HMI port. Intelligent battery management not only reduce the burden of administrator, but also extend the usage of battery over 55% more.

Multiple redundancy

Adopted all-digital control technology, realized multi-UPS parallel redundancy.

Main Feature

Advanced agenda management software

UPS self-own agenda management software, enables users carry out agile timing on/off, battery charge-discharge and even-float charging through self-programming, and make UPS more user-friendly.

High precision SMD technology

CHP3000 series adopts high precision SMD technology instead of traditional plug-in circuit technology,improved the circuit reliability and running precision.
CHP3000 series adopts 4 layer circuits and high precision SMD component, completely eliminat jamming caused by sundry high frequency signals, chip modules can work without jamming, anti-jamming ability greatly improved thereby.
CHP3000 series with the help of SMD technology can stand higher temperature, work more precisely, better filtering and more durable, life span extended by 80%.

The 6th generation IGBT inverter technology

IGBT is featured by superior prompt switching, is able to work under high-voltage and high-current, and is driven by low voltage and small control power, the 6th generation IGBT has the nature of lower saturation voltage drop, higher efficiency of inverter, lower heat, more reliable.

5.Ultra-distinct interface information processing technology

Audio alert
User-friendly touch backlight screen LCD display, flow chart running state visual display, intelligent icon button, tabular data record and event log, English-Chinese optional menu.
Visual LED indicator workflow indicator, can be easily and clearly understood.

Other merits in performance

Excellent load characters

Completely fulfil saltus from 0-100% without switching to bypass, and safeguard stable output.

Thorough protection

Input-output over-low voltage protection, input surge protection, phase protection, battery overcharge-overdischarge protection, output overload shortcut protection, overheat protection and alerting.

High-performance dynamic characters

Adopting Instantaneous control mode and valid value feedbacks control, implemented high dynamic regulation, minish output voltage distortion.

3 phases separately adjustment,balance stabilizing

3 phases control separately, realized control of instantaneous overload balance, 100% unbalance load output is possible.

Optional input harmonic filter or 12 pulse wave rectifier

Restrain input harmonic pollution, enhance UPS input power factor,reduce input harmonic current.

Individualized settings

Can be set as per users' requirement, UPS, ECO energy saving mode, EPS mode is optional.