Brief Introduction

HW-L series ups is a smart multifunctional outdoor line interactive ups, consisting of inverters, automatic voltage regulator, conversion circuit, main control circuit and display alarm circuits etc. designed to protect your computer and other important electronic equipment from power failure, brownouts, sags and surges. The ups can filter out the small voltage fluctuations, when meeting big voltage disturbance, ups can disconnect AC input by ups internal circuit, so that avoid influencing your equipment. UPS can offer uninterruptible power supply by lead acid battery or lithium battery until the utility power recover normally. when the utility power is normal, UPS has voltage regulation function by internal automatic voltage regulator. meantime charge the battery. When the utility power is unnormal, ups can change the battery energy into pure sine wave AC power, make the load work.

Apply to Computer center, Network management center, Communication system, Automatic control system, Precision instrument and equipment, household appliances etc outdoor station.

UPS Capacity Range is from 500VA to 5000VA.

Main Feature


Online interactive mode design

high-efficiency, high-power charging.


Adaptive output frequency adjustment

By automatically tracking the input frequency, adjust the battery inverter's output frequency, when just Battery inverter without utility power, can switch the output frequency via ups front panel.


Intelligent interactive regulator

Relay fast interactive switch, with wide input voltage range, improve the output voltage regulation accuracy.


Intelligent digital control technology

Adopts 32-bit high-speed micro controller circuit control, parameter setting, operation management, advanced self-test and self-detection feature, can self-test and fault analysis all the independent circuit on the circuit board to perform a self-test and fault analysis. Adopt SPWM conversion technology, pure sine wave output, to meet your needs.


Efficient inverter technology

Adopt ultra-low internal resistance power MOSFET as a power conversion switch, make the work efficiency of the inverter higher, make the performance more stable and reliable.


Perfect protection features

input voltage, frequency overrun protection, surge voltage protection, over-current protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection, battery overcharge and over discharge protection.


Intuitive LED status indicator

the work flow type status indication at a glance.


Humane screen dynamic LCD display

the operational status and data visual display, multi-screen data query.


Output no-load protection function

when the battery inverter work, if the output load is very small, five minutes will automatically shut down-load protection.


High-performance dynamic characteristics

a variety of feedback control using the instantaneous control mode and rms, both to achieve a high dynamic adjustment, but also reduce the distortion of the output voltage.


Intelligent battery management

three-stage intelligent battery charging, automatic battery powered environment are charging and float conversion, temperature compensated charging, discharge management to extend battery life and reduce the burden on the administrator.


Intelligent detection function

the system microprocessor from time to time for all the power state, breaker status, fuse status and all the circuit work state line detection, if any fault protection and alarm to notify the administrator immediately.