Brief Introduction

HTS series intelligent pure sine wave online UPS, the capacity include from 10KVA~20KVA(Three phase in and single phase out). HTS series can be widely applied to database processing centrre, host system, integrated computer network, ISP service, telecom, computer room etc.

Main Feature

Fit for China power grid

0.8 output power factor lives up to the load trend and achieve stronger load capacity.
Overall efficiency roll reaches 93%, reduce the power loss of UPS, save users’ cost.
Adopt active power factor correction (PFC), nearly 1 input power factor, drastically reduce the pollution to utility grid.
Design for the power fluctuation characteristics, allow wide input voltage range, can adapt to bad power grid environment.
Excellent input frequency range that the ups can adapt to the different power supply equipment like generator.

Intelligent control panel

UPS display panel uses the 35 degree adjustable drawing design, display directly, easy to use, to satisfy multiple points of view operating in different use site.

Flexible configuration, change for you

Abundant extended function, meet the requirements for different customers.
Online maintenance function: safety maintenance with continuous power supply of loads.
Remote power-off: Fast turn off UPS when emergency occurs.
Optional parallel components: Parallel capacity and redundancy of parallel function, to provide the users flexibility of the power planning and more security guarantee.
Dustproof components: Improve product level of prevention in the industrial environment.
Optional isolation transformer: provide isolation protection to users.

Integration, miniaturization, low noise

Adopt advanced DSP digital control technology, improve power density enormously, reduce product area, save your time, besides, the silencer device, better environment protection.

Intelligent management

Intelligent battery management: Advanced intelligent charging control, select the optimum charging mode with the type and status of battery, automatic charging and discharging regularly.
Users can see and set the ups parameters if needed.
Automatic identification and adapt to 50Hz/60Hz power supply system, meet the requirements of different power systems.
Battery input voltage fault protection and alarming function: Alarms in case of battery input voltage too high or too low. AS the battery continuously go up or down out of the normal range, UPS will alarm and stop input or transfer to bypass work to ensure the battery life and protect users’ equipment.

High reliability

Adopt advanced DSP digital control technology, more superior performance, more reliable quality.
Excellent ability of load and overload, perfect compatibility, apply to different loads.
Outstanding antijam, accord with IEC61000-4, provide clean power environment.

Abundant communication interface

IRS232 communication port and monitoring software for local or remote battery management.
Provide intelligent slot, user can add the WebPower card (SNMP card), CMC card, AS400 card (dry contact) of Baykee to achieve the remote management and monitoring functions.