Brief Introduction

HS series intelligent pure sine wave online UPS, the capacity can be from 1KVA to 10KVA (single phase in and single phase out), HS series congregates the essence of Baykee advanced technology and the world’s most advanced 16 -bit high speed CPU control technology and 40KHZ high frequency technology. The UPS has small volume, light weight, high efficiency, zero transfer time and pure sine wave output etc features. This series UPS adopts the most advanced interface information operation technology, the user can see the UPS operation status directly from the LCD. With digital self-detecting and protection function, the long distance monitoring can reach the international advanced level. It is the power guard for your Commercial server, PC server and peripheral, communication and internet equipment, PC and the other nicety electronic equipment.
HS series can be widely applied to data processing centre, host system, integrated computer network, ISP service, telecom, computer room etc.

Main Feature

Intelligent digital control, high reliability

Micro control
Adopt creative software control, optimize UPS real-time control function, make hardware circuit more simple and more reliable.
Can support software system
Novell, Netware, Netlike, Lunatic, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows Net , LAN Manager, HP-UX, SUN OS, Unix, Wenix etc.
Long distance monitoring functionWith SNMP card to reach long distance monitoring function
RS232 communication interface
Through RS232 communication port and monitoring software, the user can directly see the power supply and the UPS working status, greatly simplify the internet management and effectively improve the computer system reliability.
● Automatically send the alarm by e-mail
● Automatically send the alarm by beeper.
● Through TCP/IP or internet to reach the UPS long distance monitoring.
● Automatically turn on/off UPS.
●analyze UPS status.
● Monitor UPS real time status.
● Execute UPS self diagnosis testing.
● Automatically save files.

Multi-function design and better security

Self diagnosis when turn on the UPS
Turn on the UPS,the UPS will start to test the main working circuit (inverter, battery, load etc) so as to find the problem in time and to avoid any damages.
Input Line and neutral detecting function
In order to avoid UPS AC input line and neutral connect in reverse. 1~3KVA UPS should with line and neutral connection detecting.
Cold start function
Unique DC startup function, when mains failure, can directly use the battery to start the UPS.

Adopt high precision SMD technology.

HS series UPS replaces traditionally insert electric circuit process with high précised SMD technology. Not only save the space, but also drastically eliminate the distortion of insert components in traditional UPS circuit, it ensures the safety running of circuit.
HS series fully adopt SMD technology, can endure high temperature, high precision,excellent filter, all these make sure the UPS more reliable and prolong the lifetime.

Adopt gathered information disposal technology, make the management Easier

HS series adopt the gathered information disposal technology. The user can be seen the UPS operation status, load status, battery supply power status etc on the LCD, let the user know the UPS power supply quality and the application environmental change.

Environmental design, Better integration with the user environment

High input power factor, make the energy cleaner
The input port adopt PFC technology to make sure the power factor=0.95, and eliminate the pollution to the AC electronic.
Silencer device, better environment protection
There is silencer button on the front panel, can eliminate the unnecessary critical alarm, when the battery voltage is low, the alarm will recover.