SNMP Remote Control Card

Brief introduction

In order to keep in tune with the need of enterprises' development, more and more enterprises have been adopting the distribution network calculation solution today. With the help of Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, inter-city network, and Internet etc., the enterprises manage and share the scattered data or other information.

The UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an important part of uninterruptible solutions to all networks. controlling and managing the UPS is one of the basic requests the enterprise customers put forward to the uninterruptible solution's supplier. On the one hand, due to the development of network, the physical distance between network administrators, UPS and the computers protected by UPS increased significantly. Thus in the event of power failure, network administrators may find it too late to shut down the computer and the battery of UPS before the depletion of UPS battery. To make things worse, it may cause hardware damage, even date loss of the system.. On the other hand, network administrators need to manage not only multiple servers and computers, to manage hubs, routers and other network equipments, but also the increased UPS management points. This make the network administrator feel difficult to monitor each device at the scene. So it needs the computer and peripherals to be able to cope with some problems that may foresee, and can manage and adjust automatically, like shutting down operate system of the computer and its power supply automatically and UPS itself timely, and transmit the relevant information to system and network administrator to focus on long-distance monitoring and managing through network like long-distance date deliver system. This puts forward newer and higher requirement to the UPS supervision management. How to achieve centralized management and control nodes scattered in all the UPS, and provide a set of sound, reliable and effective management of remote monitoring program? It become high-end services that outstanding power monitoring management system must to provide.


Main function

◆ Provide SNMP MIB to monitor UPS status
◆ Detect and convert the network speed of 10M/100 Fast Ethernet automatically
◆ Can establish various functions through the Telnet, Web Browser or the Nms
◆ Support TCP/IP, UDP,SNMP,TELNET,SNIP,PPP,HTTP,SMTP and other agreement
◆ Provide to be applicable to simple MS-Windows to install and renew tool (Nativity),don't need again with time-consuming of the RS232 traditional way to install
◆ Send SNMP TRAP Email pager to inform the manager at the same time when the power abnormal
◆ Email can be set to send daily record of UPS
◆ Shutdown software can be matched to protect the system of computer to save document and shutdown safely
◆ The Net AgentⅡ-3Ports: can circumscribe the environment of Net Feeler Liter to detect system. It can also circumscribe a modem, and be able to use internet dial-up mode in the absence of network special line

 SNMP Remote Control Card