Measures to prolong the life of UPS power supply

The standby power in data center is the key facility to guarantee normal operation and efficient availability. When there is a blackout, UPS power supply can automatically transfer the power switch from utility power to standby power. However, for most UPS power supplies, there remain a less reliable but expensive component which is battery.
    Simply put, the battery has three main features: large scale, high cost, huge wasting. What you can do is just trying to extend the service life of the battery, which in fact increases the availability of data center.
    Here we introduce several measures to expand the UPS battery service life in data center which are frequently used by equipment managers.
    First is choosing moderate scale of UPS battery for data center. In most data centers, UPS can fully charge the battery within 20 minutes which is called high-load charging. Compared with low-load charging, high-load charging need thinner battery boards and larger numbers. However, the service life of battery is shorter usually. When choosing UPS battery, there will be many other considered factors like the average life, voltage specification, front-end control, incidental cost. Small VRLA batteries, for example, has relatively low initial cost while poor stability. NiCd battery has best reliability and longest service period, but the initial coat is very high, almost about four times the size of the other cells.
    Other potential problems shouldn’t be ignored, such as battery seal and internal connection.
    The second is correct installation, operation and maintenance.
    Wrong installation and maintenance will result in shortening service life of battery. Only giving good ventilation conditions, controlling the temperature at about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring all air temperature of battery at about 3 degrees Fahrenheit, can we call it good maintence. In addition, as mixed-use batteries of different using time and internal resistance it’s necessary to control some batteries’ aging speed in battery pack. Regular checking can solve many problems such as loose connection and bad seal which can cause corrosion and fire disaster.
    Besides, data center managers should pay attention to the discharging state at any time. As long as an empty battery without being charged, it will be basically scrapped. Excessive discharging of battery leads to repeat charging problem, and to reduce the service life of the battery.
    The third is monitoring UPS battery capacity.
    The battery internal resistance will increase gradually result from corrosion, while increasing by 30%, we need replace the battery. The problem is easy to find through capacity test. Userd should base on the IEEE standard, especially IEEE1180 or IEEE450 when testing.