Battery Monitor Device

The battery inspection device is a detector which composed of high-speed MCU control circuit boards, isolation amplifier, LCD, case, terminal blocks, etc. Characteristics are simple technology, stable performance, low cost, simple operation.

MCU makes cycle measure for battery voltage and temperature, through high-speed calculation, it can figure out the voltage and status of battery which showed by LCD display.

Principle of the Battery monitoring device
Battery Monitor Device
pic 2-1 block diagram of Battery monitoring device
Work principle of battery monitoring device circuit: connect the negative and positive of every battery to sampling board, to sample every battery’s voltage through the cycle detect signal send by MCU, also sampling the temperature to battery at the same time.
MCU calculated the sampling battery voltage and temperature, send out LED status display and LCD data and status display.
Through scanning the operation button (flip screen button), MCU sends the displaying battery information used to check.

Product outside view

Battery Monitor Device


Status of LED indication:
battery over-voltage indicator--indication of battery voltage is higher than protect voltage.
battery low-voltage indicator--indication of battery voltage is lower than protect voltage.
battery normal indicator--all battery are in normal status.
flip screen query button--query every battery voltage and status and failure information.


fixed installation of battery monitoring device

Battery Monitor Device
Pic 3-1 size of battery monitoring device outside

Outside size: 190×152×57
Case size: 160×152
Install pitch: 175×85

1. Installation of external type

Fix the bottom install hole of battery monitoring device to case’s surface, as pic 3-2 shows.

Battery Monitor Device
pic 3-2 external installation schematic diagram

2. Installation of internal type

Fix the top install hole of battery monitoring device to case inside, and open a monitor hole in case surface, as pic 3-3 shows

Battery Monitor Device

Pic 3-3 installation of internal type

The connection of power cord.


Battery Monitor Device

pic 3-4 the connection of power cord

The connection of single unit battery sampling wire

following use the connection wire of 4pcs batteries as sample:

Battery Monitor Device

pic 3-5 schematic diagram of battery connect wire

Display and status

LCD shows the first screen as company name:

Battery Monitor Device

LCD shows the second screen as failure battery quantity:

Battery Monitor Device

LCD shows the third screen as serial number of failure battery:

Battery Monitor Device

LCD shows the fourth and fifth screen as temperature:

Battery Monitor Device

LCD shows the battery voltage and status after the fifth screen, every screen shows two batteries information:

Battery Monitor Device


When there is flip screen in 3-4minutes, the backlight of LCD will shut down automatically, to reduce the consumption of power.

The backlight will lighten again when flip the screen by manual or appear failure .

1. Failure of battery pcs only shows 5pcs battery series number.
2. Temperature shows only 2 screen, and with 4 temperature value.
3. Voltage shows the A decimal places.

Main spec

Model BT-04A BT-16A BT-30A BT-32A BT-41A
Measurement circuit 4 16 30 32 41
Battery quantity 4 16 30 32 41
Battery type Maintain free lead acid battery
Single unit voltage 2~12V
Single unit test voltage 0~15VDC
Voltage measure precision ±1%
Temperature measurement 0~100°C
Power voltage 220VAC, 50Hz
Work method Continuous running, automatic inspection
Status shows Power indication, battery normal indication, battery overvoltage indication, battery low-voltage indication
LCD display
1. Graphics lattice 122×32
2. serial number of battery failure
3. temperature display
4. serial number of single unit battery, voltage and status
5. battery failure status
Alarming Alarm when battery over-voltage, low-voltage, open circuit
MTBF 100 thousand hours
Work temperature -10~ +50°C
Relative humidity ≤95%
height Below 2500M
size 190×152×57

Diagram 5-1 main spec of battery monitoring device

If there is difference with actual product, please in kind prevail
appendix—Battery connection wiring principle diagram:
Battery Monitor Device


RS485 communication connect wire principle diagram (note: connect UPS485A):

Battery Monitor Device