Technology strategy

First-class technology secures our sailing;
Innovation strengthens our footprint, ever onward.
The capability of independent innovation plays a pivotal role in maintaining our competitive edge constantly, while which is the core competitiveness of a high-end technical brand for Baykee. Under the guidance of national policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction, Baykee adheres to scientific research strategy through continued investment and R & D footprint optimization. As the helm of technological innovation and independent development, Baykee has established and optimized technological innovation incentive mechanism and continued to work closely with Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), there are 9 senior researchers preside over our new products' R & D work. At present, we have more than 20 senior R & D engineers in power industry among whom many engineers won the national science and technology progress prize, make great contribution to China UPS uninterruptible power supply technology.
Besides, Baykee has been preparing to build Foshan emergency power engineering technology center which will be composed of 10 leading experts' consultant and many other experts. We can see that Baykee will be personnel training platform of power supply technology and Foshan emergency power application technology achievements transformation base, naturally we will be higher and further.

R&D Milestones

Simplify, faster performance,
More remarkable achievements:
More stable, purer, safer...
Less damage:
Less waste, less noise, less mass...
Overall Efficiency: 98%>85%
A market lead that the general market products cannot keep, Baykee uninterruptible product integrated with UPS, ECO and EPS is Multi-function and energy-saving, which has the international overall efficiency drives the development of new technologies that support national enterprises' improvement continuously.
Transfer time: 1.8ms<3.8ms
Our EPS emergency power supply product has the perfect transfer time of less than 1.8ms, whose speed is more than double the industry standard, and currently is the product with the shortest transfer time in China.
The advances in technology provide a reliable technical guarantee for the development of EPS products industry and prompt EPS to be used more widely and reliably in gymnasium lighting, even in more demanding places.
2 invention patents, 12 utility model patents, more than 10 software copyright
In recent years, our speed of declaring patents is the step ahead of the market. We declared 7 invention patents, 17 utility model patents only in 2012. Owing to continued investment and R & D footprint optimization, we got remarkable technological achievements. More than 5% of our annual sales revenue conducts a significant share of scientific R&D budget. Continuously strengthen technical resource configuration, improve the core technology of independent R & D ability, and establish scientific personnel incentive mechanism of science and technology, project manager system, such as scientific research platform.