With billions of dollars being moved around the world every minute of every day, the banking and financial sector in order to insure the stability of the entire global economy , they has come to depend on a continuous and uninterrupted power supply(UPS). Baykee provided extensive range of UPS to ensure complete continuity and also prevent the data center from result in huge losses and bring about disruptions with far-reaching consequences. And it is also vital that loads remain securely protected from blackouts and other mains electricity problems.

Environment: ATM, Data center, Back office, Office/ Desktop, Network Closet, IT system, Financial operations,

Challenges: 1. Supply reliable power and UPS battery backup
           2. Secure systems and data
           3. Simplify power management
           4. ensure the continuity of electrical service to the data center.
           5. Reliable power

Client Speak
1.“ Our empanelled vendor for supply of UPS, Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Co., Ltd. have supplied and installed UPS of 2.0 KVA capacity at various ATM sites in our bank. We are satisfied with their product performance and after sale service.”

2.“ We have purchased capacity rating 300 KVA & 80 KVA UPS System directly from Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Co., Ltd., and installed it with our financial system. Both the machines are working perfectly as per our satisfaction and so far the service support is good.”

3. “The performance of the ups systems from Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Co., Ltd., installed is very good, working in good condition. We recommend this product can be used for your office also.”