Server Room

BAYKEE Online ups systems offer high performance power protection ideal for critical server and network equipment in server room. Online, double-conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains perfectly regulated output power by continuously converting raw AC input to DC, then re-converting output back to AC. Maintains battery-derived AC output during power failures with zero transfer time. Extended runtime options available. Interactive LCD interface reports UPS operating mode, detailed UPS and site-power data, plus enables a variety of UPS setup and configuration options.

Environment: Data center, Server room, IT system, Back office, Desktop

Challenges: 1. Supply reliable power
          2. Manage power and equipment remotely
          3. Prevent data loss and corruption
          4. Control multiple computers from a single console

Client speak
1.We have bought a fair amount of these units for network closets in various buildings. They seem to work well and the management cards seem to give us a good handle on the UPS status.
2. This is a great double-conversion UPS system for critical server, network and telecommunications equipment.