Office/ desktop

The BAYKEE  UPS keeps office electronics running in the event of a power outage. Unexpected outages can damage computer, gaming, and networking equipment while causing the loss of data and work productivity. The BAYKEE UPS provides battery backup power so you can safely shut down your devices or work right through short outages.It includes Power Chute power and energy management software to maximize your protection and prevent data corruption.

Environment: Office work area with one or more desktop computers, flat-panel LCD displays, peripherals and office equipment.

1. provides guaranteed power and surge protection for desktop computers, wireless networks, gaming consoles and other electronics
2.Supplies battery backup power during outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, as well as protection from damaging surges and spikes
3.Supply reliable power with battery backup

Clients speak
1.I ordered this for my new computer, and we had a power flicker just a few hours after I set it up! It worked perfectly. There is software included that will let you check the status of the battery and tell the unit what to do if it loses power (such as turn off the computer). Very useful!
2.So far I'm very pleased...I purchased this to safeguard my fiancee's Mac Mini. Setup was a breeze, just connect the battery, charge, plug in the AC and connect the data port to the Mac's USB port. The Mac instantly recognized the UPS in the Energy Saver section of System Preferences and provided me with several automated shutdown additional software or configuration was necessary.
3.Along with charge percentage, it gives the number of volts being passed into it, and the watt load on the battery, which seems to translate into a battery estimate (how long equipment can run).