Back Office

Power problems—including blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise—threaten your back office! They can damage or destroy PCs and other expensive equipment, wipe out valuable data and files, and degrade component performance. Get protected against these all-too-common power threats with BAYKEE UPS System. It provides reliable battery backup that can keep a basic back office operational during blackouts. Surge suppression and noise filtering prevent hardware damage and performance problems such as poor-quality audio and video output. BAYKEE UPS provides ample capacity for a wide range of home and office PC setups,workstations,point-of-sale systems and more.
Environment: Data center, Server room, IT system, Back office, Desktop

Challenges: 1. Supply reliable power
          2. Manage power and equipment remotely
          3. Prevent data loss and corruption
          4. Control multiple computers from a single console
         5.Supply reliable power and UPS battery backup
         6. Improve energy efficiency

Clients speak
1.There's very little that needs explaining with this, really. Read the item description -- it does all of that, and it does it flawlessly in my experience. I've had absolutely no trouble using the thing, and the few power outages I've experienced were handled perfectly.
2.I have had good luck with BAYKEE products in the past, and this UPS is no different. I purchased it for several office computers and have had no issues.
3. I am extremely happy with this device. And the price point is excellent! In fact, I plan on purchasing at least one more to keep a couple more devices powered up. I highly recommend this based on an excellent value and on real world experience.