Home Theater

Today's home theater equipments and surround sound receivers have very delicate internal digital circuitry that's vulnerable to all kinds of power problems. They must be protected from damage caused by common power surges and spikes. In addition, electrical noise and interference can hinder performance and cause unnecessary wear on digital electronics. Even worse, home theater equipment such as DVRs like TiVo, and projectors can suffer from data corruption or damage when a power blackout happens. Baykee’s UPS offers comprehensive surge protection, battery backup power, and automatic voltage regulation that will easily integrate into AV systems and home theaters of all sizes. This ensures that your DVR can record scheduled shows, home theater settings are preserved, and also prevents data corruption and costly projector bulb damage.

Environment: LCD or plasma HDTV with audio/video components, such as DVRs, cable/satellite receivers, video game, surround sound receivers , DVD players, streaming media players, amplifiers, projectors and cabling.

Challenges: 1. Supply reliable power
          2. Manage power and equipment remotely
          3. Prevent data loss and corruption
          4. Control multiple computers from a single console
          5.Connect sources to displays
          6. Preserve signal quality

Clients speak
1.I have had no issues with the unit. Everything works great and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Could not be happier!
2.This unit is really good at what it does. Obviously this will not improve the operation of devices with power converters, but it will ensure that any such devices aren't damaged by bad power.
3.It has stably run my husband's desktop wonderfully for 4 years. My favorite usage was when there was a power outage, so we ran the tv and a dvd through the BAYKEE battery back up. It truely has a long lifespan, and has made our family's electronic usage worry-free.