Small Office & Home Office

The number of households with expensive multimedia and entertainment equipment is growing exponentially, from large flat screen TV sets, mobile telephones, computers and peripherals through high end AV applications. Surges, frequency variations and full power failure are among the potentially damaging threats that you would not normally be protected against in your electricity supply. Protection for your home applications electronics is a must. That is why Baykee offers levels of power protection and battery backup with ultimate reliability at affordable prices. These UPSs even come with free software for management capabilities. Extending the runtime for routers and modems to maintain network connectivity during power outages and monitoring software to assess the cost of use and environmental impact of protected equipment. The easy-to-use software was designed to gracefully shutdown unattended PCs during power outage. The UPS also suit every budget and application. Baykee also provides good after-sales service.

Environment: Desktop, Home office, Home theater

Challenges:    1.100% uninterruptible  power
             2. Supply reliable power with battery backup
             3. Prevent data loss and corruption
             4. Prevent data loss and corruption
             5.Low Battery Voltage Switch off ( No Damage can be done to Battery Packs )

Clients speak
1.“ I installed one of these a few weeks ago after having a power outage where I thought I had lost a hard drive. I am running a Windows 7 desktop PC, router, cable modem, monitor and my telephone base unit on it. The Baykee UPS unit does not get hot when charging or running on battery power. Haven't had any reason to contact technical support, so I am a happy, power-protected camper.”

2.“ Recently we purchased a new Baykee UPS for our home office computer. This is the second similar sized Baykee unit we have purchased. The first has provided over 4 years of flawless service to us. We have had no problems, no damage and no lost data. Just the reasons you need a Baykee UPS.”

3.“We bought this UPS as a back up power supply for our wifi modem and at micro-cell. It works great, you just have to ignore all the stuff about loading software on your computer, etc. I have been using Baykee products for similar applications at work for years and found that it is definitely great! “

4. “ This is my second Baykee UPS product. The first was purchased several years ago and is still working well. I needed another for my second computer and peripherals set up so I bought this item. It works very well. I tested it after setting it up by pulling the power plug and the computer continued to operate without a hitch. I would purchase another of these anytime if I needed it.”