Green Power

As we know, when power goes out for even a second it can cause data loss, hardware damage and shorten equipment life expectancy. BAYKEE UPS system provides modified sine wave backup power and surge protection in order to prevent valuable documents, photos, videos and music files from loss or damage when an outage occurs. In addition, it is suitable for other electronics requiring Active Modified power source compatibility. BAYKEE battery backup system provides green power for energy saving.

Environment :
Home office with computer, LCD monitor and peripherals. Home theater with audio/video equipment.

1.Provides modified sine wave backup power and surge protection, compatible with Active power source.
2.Provide additional power outlets
3.Supply reliable power
4.Easy to operate by a finger of push the master power on/off button.

Client speak
1.I plugged the UPS in right away to get it charging. We have to do that for six hours before plugging in any devices. After that, I plugged in a power strip leading to my computer, monitors, and hard drives, and was done. Whenever the power goes out (it hasn't yet, I unplugged the cable), the UPS beeps to let me know, allowing plenty of time for me to save my work and shut down. looks awesome. So far it has been easy to install and use. Its is bit large for my desk but I feel relieved and safe having it as a power backup. It looks awesome when it is lit up, an awesome addition to anyone's computer. A great way to protect your computer and your information.
3.Great value for the price.